Bioluminescent Breakdown

a french fold magazine & film stills of an EPSCoR project about bioluminescent organisms

Bioluminescent Breakdown
fall 2011
short film & process book
Bioluminescent organisms create aesthetically compelling experiences in their production and emission of light. With their source of light, bioluminescent species are able to startle, distract, warn, illuminate, hypnotize, repel, and attract other creatures.

Through exploration of this natural & beautiful behavior, it became evident that humans reveal similar messages through equivalent signals. For example, the anglerfish uses light on top of its head to act as glowing bacteria that organisms want to eat. When compared to flashing neon signs that lure customers in, people are able to build off what they are already familiar with to understand basic operations of bioluminescence.
Flashes of light were emulated with desk lamps and decorations while examples of human interaction were accessible via popular online clips. Various patterns of body language were also documented to imitate bioluminescent exchanges.
Correlating bioluminescence with human experience expands what is familiar to respectfully consider unknown elements of ocean life. Translating coded light signals into a visual dictionary, the ‘Bioluminescent Breakdown’ film sheds light on the sense of wonder & excitement the mysterious underwater world incites.

Still images captured from the final film include text, footage from pop-culture videos, & light shows.
The french fold magazine lays out the information I gathered for my EPSCoR project. 
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